No Size Fits all 

Years of experience working with a wide range of brands taught me that every business is different. Therefore every brand needs an entirely unique approach and a solid foundation to work from.

Getting you started and supporting you on your journey

You've got your business plan sorted but struggle with the brand strategy? You are working with a design agency and need someone by your side to give you advice and help you get the best results? Getting your brand right is essential for your business to be successful.

A solid foundation

Before the visual brand comes the ground work. The behind the scenes. Establishing a brand strategy is an essential part of your business. Skipping this step will make it hard to keep your brand consistent across all channels. 

Brand Assessment

Taking stock. Where does your brand stand? What elements are established? Brand promise, statement and attributes. Are you still on track?

Market analysis

Do your customers see your brand the way you want them to see it? What is your competition doing? How do you compare?

Brand Strategy

Goals, market, target group, personas, customer journey. Are you clear where you are heading? Is it the right direction? Is your brand focused?

Paper and Pixel

A brand is so much more than a logo. People come to me and say "I started my own business, I need a logo". However, the logo can't do all the work. A brand consists of many elements working together, creating a cohesive, recognisable picture. 

Here are some of the elements that will be part of your visual brand.


Your logo will be ever present throughout all of your brand communication. 

It needs to be simple and versatile to work across all platforms. 


The colour scheme of your brand will be doing  the hard work of transporting your brand attributes. 

Colours evoke strong associations with certain things.  Blue for example is calm and the colour of trust and accountability. Whereas red is an active and passionate colour representing alert and action.

Type fonts

The fonts you choose for your brand not only play part in the visual appearance but are also important to ensure maximum accessibility. 

A headline font can be characterful but your body copy needs to be primarily legible.

Typography style

Choosing a type font is a good start. Now we define how to use it. Is your brand elegant and soft spoken? The light version of your font will send the right message. Or is your brand bold and loud? We might use the Heavy weight in all caps.

Graphic elements

Graphic elements are a useful tool to creating strong visual cues for your brand. If used consistently they can bring multiple other elements together and be the binding force.


Illustrations can be a beautiful and flexible visual element where appropriate. Finding the right illustration style that aligns with your brand strategy is important. 

Photography / imagery style

Imagery is often the strongest visual element of a brand. 

Keeping it consistent over all platforms is key to building a strong recognisable brand.


Icons can be a good way to transport information quickly. An image can convey things quicker than written text. We all know "a picture paints a thousand words".

Develop a cohesive and consistent icon set that can be built up over time.

Tone-of-voice (copy writing style)

The tone-of-voice is just as important as your visual elements. 

Is your brand a trusted source of information and speaks in a formal matter-of-fact voice? Or is it the friendly neighbor that chat's with you in a tongue-in-cheek way?

Time to roll it out!

You have all the elements you need for your brand. It's time to bring it to life.  

  • Corporate material
  • Business cards
  • Website
  • Social media
  • EDM
  • Campaigns
  • Signage
  • Sales collateral
  • Ad's

Would you like to find out how I can help your business stay on track? 

The range of services I offer can be adjusted to suit your goals. Every business is different. I will find a unique solution that will suit your project.